Wolfgang Tillmans:    To look 
  without fear


Photos: Art Gallery of Ontario

“Tillmans’ photography ranges from intimate observations to incisive commentary on the shape of our world today. This momentous exhibition will feature ecstatic images of nightlife, sensitive portraits, architectural studies, documents of social movements, still lifes, astronomical phenomena and cameraless abstractions.”


“I see my installations as a reflection of the way I see—the way I perceive or want to perceive my environment,” Tillmans has said. In his convention-defying arrangements, prints are taped to the walls or hung with clips, and framed photographs appear alongside photocopies and pages cut from magazines. These images, often grouped like constellations on walls and on tabletops, share the exhibition space with video projections and sound pieces. This approach is expressive of Tillmans’s concept of visual democracy: “If one thing matters, everything matters.” 


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